Local Incentives

Seminole EDC provides a wide variety of incentives to both existing and new businesses in the area. We have listed below the most current incentives by client for 2017. For more information on any items, please give us a phone call or contact us.


For New Companies


New business interest rebate program

Any new business considering moving to Seminole may qualify for this program which provides a payment of the percentage of interest paid on a loan provided by a local bank. The percentage of interest paid by this program is directly correlated to the number of jobs created.


New business low interest loan program

This is a traditional loan program which provides floor interest rates for new businesses which might not qualify for traditional financing through a local bank.


Expanding Local Companies

Business expansion and retention loan guarantee program

This program is established for existing businesses who might not have the needed Capital to secure a traditional loan. The economic development Corporation will provide 50% of the needed guarantee in order to receive traditional financing from a local bank.


Business expansion and retention micro loan program

This program is established to provide local companies with micro loans to assist in their attention and expansion.



This program is established to offer matching grants to commercial property owners in the downtown area around the Courthouse Square. The purpose of the program is to improve the appearance and vibrancy of downtown and encourage additional private investment around the square.