Builder and Developer’s Guide to Construction in Seminole, Texas
The Seminole development process involves four basic steps beginning with zoning and subdivision platting, followed by site design, and then building construction. The City places the highest priority on quickly moving building projects from concept to reality in the shortest amount of time possible. 
Property owners, or their agents, who want to construct, expand, remodel, or demolish a building must first make application to the Seminole Building Inspection & Code Enforcement section and obtain required permits.  Inspections of construction projects are also performed by the Building Inspection & Code Enforcement section.
Building Codes
The Code Enforcement Department administers and enforces City Building Codes and issues permits including building, electric, plumbing, mechanical, gas, zoning, and signs. This department also enforces city ordinances related to construction, zoning, and water drainage issues.

The City of Seminole follows the International Building Code 2006 Manual. This code was adopted as the primary guide to development within the City of Seminole.  The IBC incorporates procedures, standards and regulations for zoning as well as subdivision applications.  The specific codes we utilize are:
 Building codes:  2006 I.B.C.
 Plumbing codes:  2006 I.P.C.
 Mechanical codes:  2006 I.M.C.
 Electric codes:  2008 N.E.C.
 Fire code:  2006 I.F.C.

Permitting Process
The Seminole permitting process is designed to fast track construction projects.  Developers need to submit two copies of certified building plans for the Plan Review Process. The Review process takes 1 – 2 weeks and is performed internally by City Staff, unless the project is of substantial size, in which case outside specialized engineering companies are consulted, as needed.
Building Permits & Fees
The City of Seminole issues building permits for new construction projects at a flat rate of 10 cents per square foot of construction.  For example, a permit for a 40,000 square foot building would cost $4,000.
Water & Sewer Tap Fees
 Water Tap Fees    Sewer Tap Fees
 ¾” water tap:  $350.00    4” tap:  $125.00
 1” water tap:  $550.00    6” tap:  Cost, plus labor
 2” water tap:  Cost, plus labor      
Code of Ordinances
The City of Seminole’s ordinances are available and can be accessed at City Hall.
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