broadband infrastructure

Within Seminole, TX there are ten (10) providers offering business service.

[1] We estimate that each business in Seminole has an average of 2.31 wired providers available at their location.

[2] Based on this, Seminole is more competitive than 95% of cities in the state of Texas and is more competitive than 93% of cities nationally.

The business internet providers with the largest coverage within Seminole are: AT&T, TDS, ERF WirelessTWN Communications, ReSound Networks and Basin Broadband.

In short, Seminole is the 64th most competitive city in the state out of 1369 cities when it comes to business broadband connectivity. This puts it directly behind Kemah, Mansfield, and Grand Prairie.

Of the internet providers offering service, 2 offer fiber optic service. There is one provider offering fixed wireless coverage with satellite providers likely offering coverage as well.

  1. We count each technology footprint separately.

  2. This calculation is based on the FCC's guideline: A provider is considered to service a location if they currently have service available or can provide service within an interval that is typical for that type of connection without an extraordinary commitment of resources.

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